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ENL (Softgel) is a natural

L-methylfolate product containing vitamin coenzymes and mineral cofactors and has been clinically shown to effectively manage depression in all individuals including those with Major Depressive Disorder and an MTHFR SNP

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EnLyte-D (Tablet) is a natural L-methylfolate product with vitamin D and other vitamin coenzymes and mineral cofactors to effectively manage depression, addiction, and neuropathy

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EnBrace HR/MF (Softgel) is a safe, natural L-methylfolate product for depression in women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant and is safe to use before, during and after pregnancy. EnBrace HR/MF can also be used to reduce the risk neural tube defects and other birth defects

Luma TC is an FDA regulated Medical Food formulated to prevent, arrest, manage, and restore the Alzheimer's disease process, memory loss, and cognitive dysfunction at the cellular level



What is Methylation?

Methylation, also known as One Carbon Metabolism, is occurring 24 hours a day in every cell in the body


What we now know is that heredity or genetic make-up plays a big part in the nerve cell's ability to produce and balance brain chemicals to maintain normal brain health and wellness"

Towny Robinson, Inventor

Depression has long been associated with folate deficiency, as well as a lack of response to antidepressants"

Andrew Farah, MD

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From The Desk of

“I have a chemical imbalance…” A statement I have heard countless times throughout my career.  No one can blame the patient for saying it: when they see a psychiatrist, even after a first visit, the patient usually leaves with a prescribed chemical, designed to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Folate Therapy is the essential cornerstone in the treatment of all patients afflicted with depression "

Lawrence D. Ginsberg, MD, President and CEO

Red Oak Psychiatry Associates 

January 29,2013